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Syd Silvair was a tarot enthusiast from childhood, collecting decks, crystals, and any mystical tools she could get her hands on. Years later, upon learning her great grandmother was a card reader, she decided to turn her affinity for the tarot into a deeper practice, carrying on the legacy that had been in her blood all along.
Syd approaches her readings as collaborative exercises in intuition, encouraging her clients to flex the intuitive muscles we all have but so often ignore. With her warm, empathic nature, she delicately adapts the space of the reading to suit each client’s unique energy, allowing for the wisdom of the cards to flow freely between them. Translating the messages of the cards into actionable advice, she strives to end each reading with an empowering takeaway.
Having used the deck for years as a tool for songwriting, she’s developed a distinctive understanding of each card’s core spirit. Great songs and tarot cards share a powerful truth: when we strip away the frills and details of our lives, our stories overlap, repeat, and echo one another with striking similarity. It’s no wonder the universal themes of the cards have stayed relevant for hundreds of years across the globe. In the same way we collectively relate to classic songs, the cards remind us that we’re more alike, and less alone in our struggles than we think.

Most recently, Syd has been busy reading at private events, and at numerous WeWork offices across New York City.

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